About - Whistlegraph

We draw, sing, and make videos together. You can find our work on our TikTok account, which has over 2.5 million followers. We (Camille Klein, and Alex Freundlich, and Jeffrey Alan Scudder) came together during the 2020 pandemic in a cabin in Ashland, Oregon, which remains our creative base. Over the past few years, we've honed a distinctive style and practice that speaks to embodied cognition, art education, and experimental composition for live performance.

Whistlegraphs are audio-visual digital artworks performed manually by drawing and singing. Every whistlegraph results in a poetic image through the performance of a graphic score. Invented by American artist, software developer, and lecturer Jeffrey Alan Scudder in 2019 with early world-building & developmental support from Ella Fleck & Alex Freundlich.